I’ve fantasized everything


I see my future.

It’s a life glittered with happiness.

My partner in crime, my soulmate, my best friend, she is a part of my journey as we travel around the world and do good.

My family is grounded, and they remain stable, safe, healthy, and full of love.

My best friends give me hope and laughter, and always time well spent together.

The communities I’ve created across the world–they remain connected. My friends in Vancouver, Toronto, Singapore, China… and all over the US.

The funny thing about my life right now is the lack of immediate clarity.

I see what an ideal future life would be for me. But I don’t see anything in between. I have no idea what goes where, which piece fits where, when will life events occur, or how I am to go about accomplishing certain goals.

It’s all a blur.

And as much as I’d like to know, I simply can’t paint the picture in my mind.

Even the future I’ve dreamt up, that never goes completely according to plan.

After all, it’s all just fantasies.

But I have this ability to write.

I have this ability to dream.

I have this ability to do.

And for each word I type, each word I send out, I am slowly but surely creating the story I’ve fantasized about.



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