I have a weird relationship with money.

I love it. I want to be rich.

But also, I advocate the philosophy that money cannot buy happiness. That is so very true.

But money is power. In this day and age, it is power.

And so, money is not treated equally. Money is a platform of power, and so it amplifies whoever is the holder.

Those with great power can do great things. Look at what Bill Gates has done for the community in terms of philanthropy.

But giving power to the corrupt will only amplify those qualities. And we all know how much evil someone can cause when they have no limits to their greed.

Money is not equal.

$1 given to a man of virtue is not equivalent to a $1 given to a man of exploitation.

And so I suppose before I get rich, I need to first become a man who is worthy of such power. I don’t want to be amplifying bad traits.



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