Fight Club

Daily post 335

I watched Fight Club during the weekend, and let me tell you: WOW!

It’s an action movie. Yes

But it’s equally, if not more, of a psychological thriller.

It’s definitely a must re-watch movie because every scene seems to have multiple metaphors that an individual simply can’t comprehend with one watch. I feel like it’s definitely one of those movies where every time you watch it, you learn something new.

A 1999 movie, Fight Club is a movie starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. At its very core, its a movie that discusses each person’s inner cognitive dissonance and relationship with one’s self. It’s also a movie that condemns consumerism in America. It’s a movie that questions identity, sexuality, life, corporate society, and everything in between that I happened to miss.

But because I personally hate spoilers and I don’t want to give up too much, I’ll leave you with a confident recommendation. To sum it up: It’s a f’ing good movie.


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