Eisenhower Matrix


The Eisenhower matrix has been something I’ve recently tried using to prioritize certain tasks.

It’s a way of diving Urgent vs. Non-urgent and Important vs. Non-Important tasks into 4 different quadrants.

The Procrastination Matrix - Wait But Why

In quadrant 1, the important and urgent tasks should always be done first with upcoming urgent deadlines. These are crucial and include things like: work, assignments due soon, or studying for a test, or escaping your house if it is on fire.

Quadrant 2 is important but not urgent. This is maybe starting your side projects, or that YouTube channel, or fixing your diet, or exercising, or calling your mom. Important, but there is no deadline.

Quadrant 3 is urgent but not important. These include things you need to do but aren’t necessarily crucial. Paying your bills, or doing laundry, etc.

Quadrant 4 is everything that is unnecessary. Netflix, YouTube, video games.

As well as this divides your attention into important decision making, I still believe all of these quadrants are equally important and should be addressed. Particularly Quadrant 2 and Quadrant 4 which are still, in my opinion, often overlooked.

Quadrant 2 is easily overlooked because these are the important tasks that aren’t urgent, so you often don’t feel the need to do them and continue to push them off, despite them being quite important in your life. DOn’t overlook health by pushing off exercise and don’t overlook your side projects or you’ll end up at an office job your whole life.

Quadrant 4 is supposed to be the things you eliminate from your life. But still, if Netflix is how you recharge and feel better about yourself, isn’t that technically important to your life?

To some people, yes, video games are not important or urgent. But, if that is how you unwind, if that is how you rejuvenate energy, then in a way, it can be important.

So, at the end of the day, make your Eisenhower matrix, but make sure you carefully watch all 4 quadrants (even quadrant 2 and 4).


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