Can you Will it?


How much of what we accomplish is simply due to our willpower?

Is success ever convenient?

Or is everything we do, everything we accomplish, is it all due to simply our willpower? Our desire to do something?

It’s a weird thought. I often fade into these waves of consciousness and unconsciousness, but for the majority of my life, I need to be present about what I do.

Writing this blog has always been about willpower. It’s not convenient for me, not really. Especially after a long day. But I somehow will myself to do it, and it’s a very conscious decision.

But the knowledge I gain from a lot of classes, from videos, from books, often can be passive. I might not be completely conscious about the things I am learning, and simply digesting the information passively, but still learning nevertheless.

Can you will yourself to success? I think yes.



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