Forgetting I am Vegan

Three days ago I decided I would become a vegan, at least in terms of diet. So far, I’ve held up to my end of the commitment.

But last night, as my friend and I were ordering Chinese delivery for dinner, I started listing what I wanted:

Minced pork rice

Spicy pork belly

Mixed chicken…

Wait…I am a vegan now.

It was a weird moment for me. I realized that to make a fundamental life switch like that, to suddenly start eating only vegan meals, would be difficult. And of course, I’ll have these goofy moments where I forget about the commitment I made.

When I first started writing this blog, I’d often forget throughout the day that I was supposed to write my daily post. But after 300+ days, it’s a part of my lifestyle now. Maybe that’s what transitioning to a vegan will be life. Maybe it will be easy, just like how I’ve somehow managed to write this blog for 300+ days in a row.

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