Hi Guys.

A few days ago I wrote a daily blog post about why everyone should share their writing. It’s like opening a part of your heart and exposing the most vulnerable parts of your soul, yet it is so refreshing.

This is Daily Blog post number 282.

But this isn’t written by me. This is written by a friend whom I didn’t initially think I would become good friends with. This is written by someone who, just like you, has a story to share. I hope you’ll take the 30 seconds out of your day to read this lovely post. Hit that “like” button to show my friend some support!!!

Let me know if you’d like to share your writing as well. Don’t be afraid to tell your story!



Lots of times, I have conflicting feelings about spoilers. When a friend threatens to reveal the end of a movie to me, I say “I’ll kill you if you tell me!” with a mischievous grin on my face, knowing that they’re going to tell me anyway (and that I won’t care either). Part of me likes knowing what’s going to happen so that I won’t be surprised at the plot twists along the way and so that I won’t be too nervous during the movie. For some reason, other people always seem to be able to see the plot twist that I miss entirely.

And you know what? Sometimes, I wish someone would spoil my life story for me. Just when I’m laying in bed at night, scrolling through texts or replaying scenes in my head, wondering what the repurcussions of every single one of my actions is. I just want to know what’s at the end sometimes, SO badly. Am I one of those people who’s meant to get caught up in their career and live by myself in a studio apartment until I die? Or will I have kids, a husband, a white picket house in the suburbs, and a puppy that grows up alongside my children? The small, stupid things now, like boys that say one thing but do another and friends that seem two-faced–I want to know what’s worth investing my time in and what I should just give up on now.

Maybe if I knew things like when a boy would let me down or when a friend would turn on me or when something I would say would permanently hurt a loved one, my life would be so much better. So many tears shed over worthless relationships, nights spent tossing and turning over people who won’t lose a wink of sleep over me, and broken ties could be avoided.

But what could compare to the moment in a movie when love prevails and against all odds? Or, when the villain seems to have won but the hero pushes them over the cliff? The suspense has been killing you for some time, but the rush that brings you to the end of the story has made the buildup completely worth it.

Even better, that moment when you find out that your crush likes you, or when your best friend surprises you after months of not seeing them, or when the pregnancy test is finally positive. There is absolutely no way to be completely sure of the twists and turns of our respective lives and what the cause and effect of each of our actions is going to be.

Spoiled or not, life is going to happen. We can’t do anything to stop it. If we knew what was coming our way, it would be convenient, maybe. But then life isn’t as exciting or spontaneous. As of late, I’ve been telling myself this so that I can live my life moving forward. I’ve been realizing that things truly do happen for a reason, that I should accept events for what they are instead of dwelling for way too long on the why, and keep going.


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