The Great Wall

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”

I’ve climbed The Great Wall of China twice now. Once in the summer of 2016, almost exactly two years ago, and once today.

And, I’d like to think that I’ve learned a little something about both experiences and I’d like to share some insights.

  1. The Great Wall’s steps are uneven. They are sometimes steep, and then suddenly short and narrow. It keeps the hike interesting and keeps you on edge, or else you’d just be climbing stairs. Life is the same.
  2. If you try to climb the steps fast, you’ll end up not even looking where you are going because you have to focus on the steps and not trip. Sometimes, when you are living life too fast though, you forget to enjoy the view once and a while.
  3. Not everyone makes it to the very top. In our class, only 4 of us did (though, we ended up being very late for the meeting time… sorry!)
  4. If you ever come across any of the world’s wonders, take your time and enjoy it. These experiences are literally once and a lifetime moments.
  5. The view is best from the top for a reason. The successful people have the greatest view because they’ve climbed the most stairs.



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