Stop complaining


“Chinese people are so rude”

Look, if you willingly go to a foreign country for 6 weeks, you are not allowed to spend those short 6 weeks complaining about the host country.

You just aren’t.

Don’t like Chinese culture? Too bad.

Think Chinese food is “gross”? Well, if you were the most populous country and lived in poverty, you’d probably eat the entire chicken too, including the feet. (and the occasional dog…)

Hate the pollution? Look, I do too! But guess where your shoes are made from?

And this is the worst one… Getting mad at a Chinese person for not understanding your English.

One bad encounter with a Chinese person doesn’t give you the right to condemn the other 1.3+ billion Chinese.

It’s actually scientifically proven that your opinion on society more often reflects your own persona, rather than the actual reality of the world. Something interesting to ponder for those who think the world is out to get them…

I am not perfect. Of course, I’ve complained (a lot) in my own life, but the only reason I am writing this post is that I see the fault in complaining. It just doesn’t help anyone. I’ve personally seen myself fall into this pit of pessimistic attitude. I used to think that you needed to be an asshole to succeed in business, all the while I was complaining about how I hated the fact that you needed to be an asshole to succeed in business…and then I realized that I was setting myself up to be an asshole just so I could succeed. But that’s not how life works, sorry.

So please, if you are a visitor to another country, whether for work, travel, leisure, vacation, out of respect for an entire nation, keep your complaints to yourself.

Yes, you can think Chinese food is gross. Emphasis on “think”. You can dislike the culture. I can’t force you to change your opinion. And yes, if you really hate “Chinese people”, no one is stopping you.

But sometimes, voicing your complaints isn’t necessary.

To quote a Drake lyric, “you know, a wise man once said nothin’ at all”




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