I love dancing


I don’t drink

I don’t smoke

I don’t do shots

But when I go to a club, I will dance my heart out

I didn’t even realize how much I loved dancing until this trip to Shanghai. In Singapore, I’d often opt to stay in my bed and read a book or watch Netflix while my other friends frequented the nightclubs.

In Shanghai, I’ve looked forward to going to new and exciting venues and dancing with my friends.

What is great about dancing is that there is essentially no proper way to do it, there are just different ways. Every time you move your hands and feet and hips a certain way, it’ll always be different than any other person who might even be doing the same move. You could be inventing a new popular dance move without even knowing it, or you could just be swaying from side to side to the beat.

Am I good at dancing? Well, probably not really, not compared to real dancers.

But I have fun. And that’s what dancing is about.



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