Sharing my writing

Daily post 274

I didn’t realize I was an introvert until I started college. I’ve been thinking a lot more, and I’ve enjoyed isolating myself from other people more often than not. The less you speak, the more you think. But you have to give yourself an outlet.

274 days ago, I decided to open up my heart to the world.

I started sharing my writing.

Whether it be on paper, or on text, I think you should write.

Write about your feelings, your thoughts, your questions, your wonders, your dreams, your goals, your imperfections.

And then share them with the world.

When you write, you materialize your thoughts. You take something that is ineffable, that is intangible and only exists in your own head, and you bring it into reality by writing it down.

Your words are a part of you.

I know it might be scary to share your writing at first due to fear of judgment, but when you share your words, you are putting yourself in a very vulnerable place. People can empathize with that vulnerability and you will see that most of the people who read your writing will reciprocate with positivity.

And when you share your writing and receive positive feedback, you realize that sharing a part of who you are to other people isn’t so bad and scary after all.



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