Thinking in Chinese

[Daily Blog Post #260]

They say that if you can think in a language, then you are considered fluent/conversational in that language.

The issue is for me though is that I have to consciously think in Chinese. I can do it, but it just isn’t as natural. And sometimes, I can’t convey the level of depth as I normally can when I think in English.

How many years does it take to become fully mastered in a subject area?

How many magic tricks do I need to perform before I can think like a magician?

How many economies do I have to study to understand the way people think and make decisions?

How many stocks do I need to purchase before I can pick with accuracy successors and failures?

I think the key is to get to the point where it becomes natural. Whether it be talking about markets, or economy, or make-up, or basketball, or speaking Japanese, if it is natural for you, if you are able to think in that language, then you are fluent.





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