Zhu Jia Jiao: Try new things when you are in a new world

[Daily Blog Post #258]

What’s the point of being scared to try new things?

It’s my first time being in Shanghai, and I probably won’t be back here for at least a few more years.

Today, we went to Zhu Jia Jiao, which is like a more suburb, a river town, outside of Shanghai. The Asian Venice.

The buildings all had at least two floors, which used to be homes. Now, because the town has become commercialized for tourism, the first floors of all the buildings turned into open shops and restaurants, and the second floors turned into restaurants as well, while some remained as living spaces.

Right away, I knew I wanted to experience the new culture as much as I could. So I tried all the weird foods. I explored as much as I could. And I asked people questions about their backgrounds and their stories.

We tried stinky tofu. And yes, it was really stinky, but it tasted much better than it smelled

Stinky Tofu.jpg

Ate scorpion (and other weird stuff)

Werid bugs to eat.jpg

Had these small fish cleanse out feet and eat the dead skin

Fish Feet.jpg

I saw cute dogs, sleeping on the streets

Cute dog.jpg

Street art

Street art girl on bike.jpg

We walked for hours in these narrow streets that were filled with shops on both sides, seemingly unending.


And here is a nice panoramic view on one of the tall bridges to cap it all off

Panoramic view.jpg


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