Start a conversation

[Daily blog post #254]

Today, I spent 10 minutes thinking

Thinking about starting a conversation

Finally, I realized I would never see this person again, so I asked my taxi driver:

How many hours do you work?

It was the only question I could think of to ask him that might be relevant…

And then we started an entire conversation about where I was from, Canada, and I also found out he was from He Nan Province, which is exactly where my mother is from.

We talked about Chinese and Canadian culture, specifically work and transportation culture.

Interestingly enough, he actually didn’t know where Canada was. I told him we were directly above America.

I was incredibly happy that I was able to talk to him. The only thing that held me back was my Chinese… but I also realized that the only thing holding me back was also the only bridge I had to make any sort of connection with the majority of the people in the country.

When you have the ability to build a bridge, you hold a lot of power. I suggest you use it whenever you can. Build bridges and make connections.

Start a conversation.


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