Short moments

[Daily blog post #251]

Today our group went to a street market in Su Zhou.

I ended up splitting from the group and exploring the area with one of the student assistants / guides.

She was my age, but is ahead by one year in university, studying international economics.

She told me about her family in Hai Nan, a port province at the most southern part of China.

Both our families shared many similarities.

2 children, boy and a girl. And our mothers shared the same values.

I enjoyed the two hours we spent together but it’s also a bit disheartening to know that at the end of the program, I’ll probably never see her again.

I feel that way with a lot of people.

Even my past friends from high school. Some people I used to call my best friends I might never see again.

Friendships end. Experiences end.

At times like these, I think about all the moments I wish I could hold on to. All the people I wish never left my life. All the current friends I want to keep in touch with.

These short moments seem to taunt us.

They are short, and they are enjoyable, but what happens if you want to hold on to that moment?

Even so, I’ll simply have them as experiences, deposited into my life account.

I’ve been here less than a week and I am already feeling nostalgic.

There should be a word for that: anticipating the feeling of nostalgia.

Short moments are enjoyable. I just wish I had the option to extend them.

2-hours was too short.

(Street markets on both sides. We ended up walking ~30 minutes both ways. Seemingly no end)


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