Find the right crowd

[Daily Blog Post #247]

A lot of the times in life, you will try to force things.

Trying to be friends with someone because you think they are cool, or pretty, or rich, but knowing deep down, you don’t have anything in common.

You force yourself into a job, or career, or situation, because it’s “safe”, or it’s “convenient”, or even worse because your parents told you to. You force yourself into suffering.

Maybe you have a product or passion you want to sell.  A humanitarian project.

You want all of the people on your friends list to participate. But sadly, not all 500 people on your friends list want to. It’s not the right crowd.

Better have 5, dedicated, passionate followers, than 500 zombies.

Find 5 people you can rely on. Just 5.

Because most groups who change the world come in small groups.

It’s about finding the right crowd to inspire the entire world.