Day 1: Working in Shanghai

[Daily Blog Post #246]


9 Hours.

It seems daunting, to be doing this 5 days a week.

It’s even scarier that I am in Shanghai.

Add on the fact that I am working primarily with Mandarin articles and conducting research in my 2nd language.

Still, today went by fast.

Maybe it’ll be like this every day?

Seemingly scary at first, but every day 7 PM will come, and it’ll all be done.

Excited for this experience.

Also, I’ve learned that I really need to work on my Mandarin…

If I’ve learned anything thus far in my first day working in China, it’s that I’ve realized how important language skills are, and how much I’ve missed out on now pursuing Chinese more when younger. Learning a language opens you up to an entirely new world. And I am living in that world right now, just barely…



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