Am I old?

Today I played basketball with a friend at the nearby community center: South Arm.

Between the ages of 13-16, I basically lived at South Arm.

Whether it was at 4:30 AM, getting my early morning practice in before school, or late night shootarounds past 10 PM, I was probably there playing basketball.

But that was the old me. Or, more literally, the young me.

Today, I was playing with some other high-schoolers, scrimmaging 3v3.

Glimpses of my “old” self would periodically peek out the door and I would sometimes make some quality moves.

It’s funny because I would hear these kids, who were 15 or 16, and they were jokingly saying to me and my friend: “You guys are old! You shouldn’t be moving like this!”

I chuckled.

I guess 18 is old now?

But then again, I guess I am. I hadn’t been at this community center court for nearly two years. It feels good to be back. My old home.

P.S. That last shot definitely went in 🙂



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