Create good content

I wish I could turn off all statistics.

Right now, the number of likes, followers, views I get should be irrelevant.

I need to focus on creating good content.

Isn’t it funny how important numbers are to our society?

Our age.

Our test scores.

Our bank account number.

Whatever happened to learning for knowledge, not GPA?

Whatever happened to living life fully, and not worrying about age?

Why does time haunt us?

When you focus on creating good content, the numbers don’t matter.

This is why the best type of learning is outside the classroom, where the stress of numbers and grades are not present.

It’s why the rich don’t chase money but chase purpose and passion and value.

It is only when we are fully immersed in life, fully present in what we are doing, is when time truly escapes us, when the number of the clock hand is no longer relevant.

Make good content. Forget about the numbers, at least for now.


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