Stop explaining yourself

I visited my high school today with some friends

All of my other friends had jobs this summer, and when asked what I was doing, I replied “just relaxing, watching some Netflix”

There was definitely a bit of…let’s say criticism and funny looks I received because apparently, the normal thing is for college students to work during the summer.

But I didn’t feel the need to justify myself, really.

I mean, I explaiend to them why I was choosing not to work: I was only “home” for 40 days, and I was completely exhausted from 2nd-semester university and wanted to relax. After all, I am only home for 2 months every year. Some of my friends are back home for 3 entire months, which gives them the time to actually search for a job.

So, even if people give you funny looks, I am sure you have your own reasons.

Whether it be deciding to study philosophy even when your parents want you to be a doctor, or why you decided to go to university X vs Y, or why you decided to take an entire year to discover your passions after high school, don’t feel the need to justify and explain yourself every time.

Some people just won’t understand, and some people don’t need to. It’s okay.


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