Grow up

I think the worst thing you can say to a kid is “grow up”

It implies that the creativity they have as a “kid” is not important.

It implies that they need to concern themselves with “matters of consequence” like money, and jobs, and numbers.

When in fact, the most important thing is to see life with your heart and not your eyes.

I spent my whole life being told to “grow up” and think about my future and become “successful,” but I don’t care if you are 5 years old, or 50 years old—no one should ever completely “grow up.”

Now I’ve been spending my days learning how to think more like a child, how to see life through the lenses of creativity and wonder. I think it’s important because a child sees with his heart, not his eyes. It’s quite magical.

If you are wondering why I am ranting, you should read the best book I’ve read this year, “The Little Prince”. It’s 90 pages long. Do yourself the justice of reading this masterpiece of a novel. Be prepared to think like a kid again.


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