Just a Rose

But some roses are not just roses.

Most roses look alike. Most roses have a twin sibling.

But what makes your rose special?

Because you spent time watering it. You spent days watching it grow from a little seedling, from nothing to something. This rose is special because the day it bloomed was also the day you met your wife.

So sure. Maybe this rose is still just a rose. Really, it looks like just any other rose. But not to you.

Other people see a rose. You see something special.

If you want to know why I am babbling about a rose, you should go read “The Little Prince”

The Little Prince has sold more copies than any individual Harry Potter Book and is the 4th best-selling book with over 140 million copies sold since it was published in 1943.

It is a very short ~90 pages, which I finished reading in 2 sessions, but was still one of the most refreshing books I have ever read.

Be prepared for metaphors.


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