Why I never want to work for someone else

My first job ever was an internship at a leading blockchain industry company called “R3” while studying abroad in Singapore. I worked 45 hour work weeks for 2 months.

Although it was a great experience, it was not by choice. The program I was a part of meant that everyone had to participate in an internship.

I never want to work for someone else again. Not because I hate working, but because I hate the idea of working for someone else’s dream.

If I was passionate enough about something that I would work for a company in that industry, then I should also be passionate enough to create my own company and create my own dream. I mean, I’ll probably end up working for several companies, but my ultimate goal is to work for myself.

Do what I want to do and build towards my dream, not anyone else’s.

It’s not even about the money. It’s about the freedom and independence.

Honestly, I’d probably make more money by working a stable job (especially in the beginning), but I value my own freedom and time more.

I am a big believer in the free market “shareconomy” and peer-to-peer businesses (Think UBER, AIRBNB, Fiverr)

UBER drivers get to decide when they want to work, for how long, and how much effort they want to put in to create tips. UBER drivers don’t work for anyone but themselves. Sure, UBER the company makes billions in revenue, but UBER is only a company that provides a platform. The drivers don’t “work” for UBER.

AIR BNB is the same. The better your home, the better your service, the better your business.

Freelancers have to market their own abilities and skills. They have to provide products and services but also create a personal brand so people trust the person, not any particular entity.

Self-employed, self-made, self-taught.

If you are able to achieve that “self-triple threat”, then I think you’ve achieved my version of success.

Should anyone care, if I had to work for any specific company, my dream company to work for is called “Motley Fool”

Ultimately, My dream career is to become a self-employed financial advisor, consultant, writer, and investor on “The Shark Tank.”




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