Updating our privacy policy

Ever since people found out that Facebook monetizes its user’s data, every website, social media, and app is updating their privacy policy.

Sure, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica Scandal may have caused some concern, with the “#DeleteFacebook” movement on Twitter being relevant for a week, but look at the response.

Facebook messes up, and every company in the world starts paying attention to their own asses.

Facebook has always been a forefront of consuming and distributing media, especially since acquiring Instagram. They are the clear market leaders in this space of sharing content.

When Facebook updates anything, everyone else follows suit. They are responsive to Facebook’s actions.

Don’t update your privacy policy just because Facebook is doing it. Don’t improve yourself as a person just because your friends are doing it.

You should be constantly looking to make updates regardless of whether or not the market leader is making adjustments. Facebook doesn’t follow anyone; they make their own rules.



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