Meeting my idol

Last night, I met David Blaine.

I shook his hand, and immediately told him how much of an inspiration he was to me:

“Thank you for all you’ve done for the magic community. I started magic because of you”

“Wow. Thank you.”

I’ve only met a few of my “idols” in person, but it is always refreshing to know how down-to-earth and humble they are.

David Blaine asked every single person in the VIP guest room if they wanted individual photos with him.

Every audience member he asked to join him on stage, David ushered them to “be careful while coming up, there are a lot of wires on stage”

He made jokes, he was fun, he was nice.

He entered the stage through the audience, surprising everyone who suddenly saw him walking right in front of them.

I’ve been watching David Blaine since I was 13.

I’ve owned over 50 of his playing cards, several signed, and many are unopened collectibles.

I’ve studied his videos dating back 20+ years, and I’ve practiced many of his tricks.

David Blaine is the epitome of a great magician because he truly makes the world believe that the impossible can be done.

Watching him do it live this time was just so much more amazing.

“No insurance company would insure me for this act…”

David Blaine



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