How do we determine milestones?


This is blog post #200

Am I now meant to rejoice and celebrate? Throw glitter into the air? Shall I summon jubilant cheers and chant that I’ve managed to do this for 200 days straight?

How do we determine milestones?

I’ve often felt that reaching these fixed goals doesn’t feel as special as regular posts.

Will blog post #1000 feel any better? That’s over 2 years from now.

I dropped ~15 pounds since last year, and I don’t feel any different. Should I?

Blog post #351 shouldn’t feel any different from blog post #1000.

Every boxing session I did in Singapore wasn’t any different than the last.

But the thing is, completing it, hitting “post” every day, that feeling of accomplishment in itself is enough for me.

I don’t need post #200 to feel extra special, because every post feels special to me.

That’s how we maintain sustainability.

How we maintain relationships, by making every interaction special.

How we stay in love with our hobbies and passions.

How we decide what type of career we want, because every day is not a chore, but instead you look forward to work.

I look forward to my #1000th blog post, not because #1000 is a big milestone, but because that means I have 800 more blog posts to look forward to when I hit “post”

Look forward to living every day.

Ready to hit “post”?








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