Imagine you have a vase, perfectly hand-made by Japanese skilled workers.

You love this vase so much so you polish it every day. Meticulously shining it and taking care of it, making sure no dust is able to settle on the vase.

One day, you accidentally drop it and it splits into several pieces. You glue it back together, taking hours.

You continue to polish it every day and take very good care of the vase, but despite what you do, there will now always be a giant crack in the middle because you messed up just once.

It’s the same with people. People will always see that one crack you gave them.

It will take a long time to forget about it, and maybe they’ll never forget—maybe you just need to learn to accept the crack and still love the vase either way. It adds character. It means that it has been through a lot.

Your life will have cracks—but that doesn’t mean you can’t glue them back together if you want.

Good Luck


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