Anyone who knows me also knows that I have allergies…

A lot of them

Beef, dairy, eggs, yeast, peanuts, sesame, lamb, pineapple, gluten, 1000 different type of trees, pollen, and the cold.

Dairy might be the worst one

Not being able to have milk with my coffee or cereal.

No ice cream, no alfredo sauce, no cookies

No milk with my Oreos…

And somehow dairy ends up in everything that is packaged too

But I’ve been able to find alternatives.

Coconut milk has recently been my favorite

And to be honest, it’s not that bad compared to dairy milk. I even had some coconut yogurt–though it did cost a lot, $6 for one cup!

But I guess my point is this:

I had no idea how I’d be able to even eat food when I found out I was allergic to half of my diet last summer.

Like seriously, I’d been eating these things my whole life, and all of a sudden, I developed allergies to them, or was I always allergic to them?

So then began my path to find alternatives.

Chicken instead of meatballs with my spaghetti

Vegan alternative ice creams and vegan cheese

Coconut milk instead of dairy milk

No beer for me–but it’s not like I really care to drink anyways

Alternatives are everywhere

Villanova was an “alternative” to me

Singapore was an “alternative” option to me when they told me London group was filled

I started diving into performance magic because I failed to make the basketball team

Alternatives are not as bad as we make them out to be.

Because as long as we have options, as long as we have alternative solutions, everything in the end can be okay.

And it might even be better than what you originally wanted.

Good Luck.


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