The good

Adam Grant did an experiment in his book “ Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives our Success (Which I highly recommend you check out)

He asked employees of a company:

“what % of your co-workers do you think steal from the company?”

He found that people who often answered this question with high % generally meant that that specific employee had a higher % of stealing from the company too. Their thought process was this:

“I often steal from the company, so other people must do it too!”

People often project their own behavior and qualities on other people, particularly their bad qualities.

It’s really easy to accentuate the bad aspects, both in others and yourself.

Do people really generally suck? Or do we just project our own poor qualities on other people?

Try to see the good qualities of people first before you seek out the bad.

And try to see the good in yourself once and a while too.

Good Luck.


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