I began reading Freakonomics today (or more so, listening to it on Audible)

One of the main concepts introduced in the beginning is the concept of incentives

There are primarily 3 types of incentives in life, when you essentialize it down, you get:

  1. Economic
  2. Social
  3. Moral

Each of us is driven by these three main incentives, with several categories branching off from them.

But every one of us is also driven differently.

Some prefer more economic rewards. Money. Financial stability. Assets. Fortune.

Others want to climb the social ladder–achieve fame without the fortune.

And then there are those who follow their moral compass, whether that be wanting to find a cure for cancer or volunteer for developing countries, or whatever that specific individual dubs as “right.”


Most of us balance the three incentives–we don’t just want one, we are driven by varying levels of all three.

But I think it’s important to analyze your life and ask yourself:

What incentive am I driven by?

Good Luck.



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