Less is more.

Less is more.

My acting teacher in high school, who I deeply looked up to, would always tell us:

Move only to improve on stillness; speak only to improve on silence

Every action needed to have intent behind it.

Because when you are on stage, in front of the whole world, everyone can see you.

Everyone can tell when you are lying to them–when you are being disingenuine.

In life, you are the actor, the world is your stage, and the audience is everyone around you, so make sure you live with intent.

Good Luck.

On that note, today I watched “A Quiet Place” starring John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

A great movie. The child actors are very impressive, and John and Emily truly show a lot of emotion and love.

Oh, and it’s a great example of “less is more” and speaking only to improve on silence.

Is it weird that I cried–like really bawled–during a horror movie, and not because it was scary, but because it was emotional and beautiful?

Go watch “A Quiet Place”


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