Context matters

Context matters because context is the difference between wine tasting 20% better…

Even if it’s the same bottle of wine.

But the context: more expensive wine teaches us to expect better tasting wine and creates the context of such a situation to be true in our perspective.

Context tells us that Banksy’s famous art pieces are worth thousands+ dollars when displayed at an art gallery, but when placed on the streets of New York for $60 a piece, only 3 people will purchase the rare pieces.

Or 10 years ago, when Joshua Bell, the famous violinist plays in D.C. metro on a violin worth 3.5 million dollars, only manages to stop 7 people (mainly children) to listen to him play. Compared to now, 10 years later, Bell still manages to pack his concert halls.

Context matters.

Whether we want it to or not, context dictates how we feel and react to certain responses.

But maybe context also teaches us that beauty is all around us

We just need the right context.



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