Obsessed with VOX

The past few days I have been completely obsessed with VOX videos and TED-ED videos.

I’ve probably spent more hours watching YouTube videos than doing anything else in the past few days.

Watching these videos just constantly reminds me that there is so much knowledge out there.

There is so much that I don’t know, and so much that I’d like to learn about, and reminding myself of the very beauty of learning keeps me excited–and it also keeps me humble about the mysteries of this universe.

But at the same time, for so much that I don’t know, there is a lot that I do know.

And I need to remind myself of that fact as well.


VOX has hundreds of videos on content and concepts I never knew existed. And as much as I enjoy watching these videos and learning new concepts, I’ll never learn them all. I’ll never be able to consume everything that YouTube has to offer in terms of education, and that’s okay.

In the end, it’s good to have gaps in your knowledge; it’s good to have weaknesses. 

I think we should embrace the gaps and weaknesses because they just show us that there is a lot more to be excited about.

2018-04-08 (1).png


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