The paradox of the path of least resistance

One thing I’ve noticed since coming to Singapore and using the public transit (MRT) almost every day (since it’s the most practical way of transport), you’ll notice that people tend to choose the “path of least resistance” when it comes to choosing which gate to enter from.

But they don’t understand the paradox of the path of the least resistance

Because everyone tries to use the closest gate, it gets super jammed and takes up much more time waiting to get through

You end up elbowing people, awkwardly cutting in front of strangers, and apologizing–and if you DON’T do that, someone else WILL.

Because people are so fixated on choosing the “easiest” path, they don’t realize that they could easily just walk 5 steps ahead, and use any of the other free gates…which is what I do on a daily basis.

Just take a look at the MRT stations during peak hours: in the morning at 8 AM, and after work at 6 PM during rush hour, everyone becomes sheep and end up trying to funnel through one gate.

I find it quite curious.

Sometimes the seemingly path of least resistance provides much more resistance.

The paradox of resistance.

The path of least resistance was to stay in Richmond and attend school at home.

Villanova has been great to be and it isn’t by any means “hard”

The path of least resistance was for me to stay at Villanova during the spring semester.

But studying abroad and interning in a whole new country in Singapore has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

The path of least resistance was to never start this blog

never start my own business

never taking risks in life

never learning about investing (and losing a lot of money…woops)

and never going out of my comfort zone

Choose the path of least resistance if you want to be boring and never truly experience life.

Stray away from that path, and you will learn a lot more about yourself.

Good Luck.




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