Don’t become a robot

Robots will take away many jobs in the future

Artificial intelligence will undoubtedly increase efficiency and productivity, but it will never take away human creativity

Human emotions can’t be fabricated

Creativity cannot be faked

The very definition of originality is that it can’t be replicated or recreated; it is not derived, it is new, different and it is unique, like every individual human

But creativity can die if we let it

If we fall into the pit of following the status quo and allowing systems to guide us like a supply chain–as if we were robots assembling a car

In such a fast-moving industry, right now is the time to foster original thinking

Embrace the humanities:

Writing creative content, reading fictional fantasy, brainstorming, innovation, art, music, acting, performance, philosophy, abstract concepts

Embrace humanities courses because after all, it’s what makes us human

Don’t become a robot—we are already creating enough of them

Good Luck


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