You can learn anything you want

If you have access to the internet, and access to a laptop or smartphone for YouTube, you can essentially learn almost anything you want.

Perhaps you’d like to learn about string theory, game theory, or watch the music theory, it’s all available on video, and I know because I just watched those 3 videos.

If you have $20, you can buy almost any book you want on Amazon.

Maybe you want to know A Short History of Nearly Everything in the world, a book I am currently reading on my lovely Kindle.

Or maybe you don’t have time to read, and you don’t have time to watch a video…

Then you can always conveniently listen to any book with audiobooks.

TED videos, YouTube, audiobooks, $20 books, Kindle books

You can learn anything you want with the resources now vastly available.

But not every one of us takes full advantage of much access we have to all this free (or relatively “cheap”) knowledge

Not everyone has the privilege to learn anything they want

But you do.

Good Luck.


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