Plot Twist

I love a good plot twist. Or “wow” factor.

If you’ve ever watched Kingsman, then you know how many great “oh-my-god” moments they have that completely surprise you,.

I think with new projects, or whatever you are creating, you should strive for a “wow” factor, something people weren’t expecting, something fresh and new.

Real cannons in a musical composition, a climactic volley that introduces a new factor to traditional musical compositions.

A magician who takes away the one out of the two main factors they use to perform.

A violinist who dances while playing.

A musical which combines rap and hip-hop with the American revolution. Or a musical which uses animals, like lions and hyenas.

A basketball player who uses his elbows to make a crafty pass that NO ONE expects.

And if you watch the 2nd Kingsman, you’ll see another “wow” factor when they introduce a new character I for one was definitely surprised to see. Or, actually, there’s two.

So, maybe you can combine two skills to create something fresh and new. That’s why we should be multi-skilled. And that’s also why we should have a book of ideas so we can write down all the “wow” factor ideas we come up with.

I am still working on my own “wow” factors. Hopefully, I come up with something that is worthy to share with the world one day.

So, what’s your wow factor?

Just in case you were interested in the references I made:

Tchaikovsky’s 1814 Overture uses real cannons. (he was also the composer of the scores of The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty)

Magician reference: Teller from Penn & Teller, who is probably the most famous for being a silent performer. But there are many more (both past and present). Shin Lim is also famous for fooling Penn & Teller on their show Fool Us with a masterful silent performance.

Violinist: Lindsey Stirling

Musicals: Hamilton and Lion King

Basketball Player: Jason Williams

Grateful Day 89: I am grateful

Reading Day 31: Wow 31 days of reading and it went by so fast. I am looking to continue this habit of reading as much as I can.

Will continue to do more book reviews periodically.

Today I read about the Indian and Chinese economy.



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