Be Multi-Skilled

Be the lawyer who also is a certified sky-diver

The accountant who paints landscapes on the weekend

The illustrator who can file her own taxes

A professor who can do magic. (Looking at you, Adam Grant!)

Or be the business student who writes a blog, plays basketball and does boxing, reads every day, and also does magic.


Be multi-skilled

Don’t be a “jack of all trades”

But be multi-skilled in 2-3 other areas.

If you can be an expert in an area that is NOT your main focus, then that just makes it even more impressive.

People expect the software engineer to be very good at coding and have a strong technical background. Oh, he is also very active in theatre and singing, and great at public speaking? Tell me more about THAT and how being multi-skilled in a contrasting area has helped develop your character.

When you are multi-skilled, you become more interesting not just to other people, but also to yourself.

Developing skills keeps you active and broadens your range of knowledge and expertise. You’ll get to learn so much more about the other side of what you normally do, and it’ll develop your perspectives AND give you a new hobby. Combine those two skills together, and maybe you’ll discover something amazing.

Good Luck

Grateful Day 91: I am grateful for watermelon smoothies

Reading Day 30:

I read this comment the other day on one of my Quora posts:

“This is my first time commenting on Quora. You, however, Jeff give thought-provoking response. I am moved. Thank you for what you do.”

Comments like these are why I think I will never stop writing.



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