A book of ideas

Everyone has the potential to come up with great ideas.

Creative original ideas.

It’s a proven fact.

But the issue is that most of us don’t remember them or choose not to remember them.

I have a notebook, both a physical one and a digital one on my laptop, where I write down all the ideas I come up with. Business ideas. Book ideas. Magic ideas. And writing material.

I periodically look through all of the things I’ve written down in the past months and am amazed at how powerful my imagination is. This blog in itself is a documentation of my thoughts, and I often look back at past posts and marvel at how I managed to write such material. (Most of the time though, I gag a little at the cringe!)

Our mind is like a beautiful garden, full of flowers, and abundant in fruits.

We can admire the garden from afar. But if we want to truly harvest the ideas from our mind, we need to acknowledge them and write them down. Document them somehow. Take a picture, write a memo, create a voice recording.

Remember them.

Create a book of ideas. That is how you can materialize your thoughts.

And after a while, you won’t just be holding a book full of text.

It’ll be a physical version of your mind. It’ll be a documentation of your thoughts over years, showing your transition from youth to a student, student to adulthood, or adulthood to parent.

And I think that being able to see something like that is magical.

If you want to learn more about creating ideas and fostering your full potential, I recommend you read either Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance by Angela Duckworth, or Originals by Adam Grant.  Both are written by professors at the University of Pennsylvania.

(Those two books are my favorite non-fiction books so far!)

Grateful Day 90: I am grateful for people who encourage my ideas and encourage me to follow my dreams. These type of people–hold onto them.

Reading Day 29: 

I didn’t have time to read for pleasure today, but I did technically spend hours reading about banks for my job!


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  1. […] and new. That’s why we should be multi-skilled. And that’s also why we should have a book of ideas so we can write down all the “wow” factor ideas we come up […]


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