A Fist bump is all you need

We all have misunderstandings

Between friends–new and old–, family, maybe even strangers

But at the end of the day, you don’t want to feel this uneasiness

You don’t like this feeling of unfinished business and all the stress both of the parties inevitably feel

A fist bump can release all of your anxiety.

A fist bump signals to the other person, that you understand that life gets tough sometimes and that people say or do things they don’t necessarily mean.

A fist bump is both parties apologizing at the same time and saying “let’s get over this hump and stop fussing about it.” It shows humility, awareness, compromise, and acknowledgment.

You’d be surprised how easy it is to finish unfinished business without words.

Use it to apologize, to say thank you, to say “good job,” after your friend hits a fade-away three-pointer, to acknowledge the other person’s presence, to show gratitude, or just as a simple way to connect.

Arm extended out. Closed first. Subtle nod. Eye contact obligatory.

Ahh, the bliss of a fist bump…

And yes, I first bump just as often with my guy friends as with my female friends. It’s universal!

Grateful Day 86: I am grateful for how many people AROUND THE WORLD read my blog!

I’ve had more people from India view my website this month of March than from USA or Canada. I’ve also had people from Egypt, Malaysia, Nepal, UK, Australia, and Taiwan.

I’d like to give all of my international viewers a big fist bump 🙂


Podcast Day 27:

Instead of a book today, I’d like to talk about some interesting topics I listened to on the Ted Radio Hour podcast

The topic was emotions.

Did you know, that you can technically die from nostalgia? It’s amazing how strong our emotions and feelings can get.

Artificial intelligence and technological robots can now detect emotions of positivity, neutrality, or negativity with a 90%+ success rate. They are also able to detect if a person is lying, based on their facial expressions, at a 90%+ success rate.

Our ability to perceive emotions of other people is actually completely unfounded. Females over the age of 65+ are more likely to die from a heart attack than men because when women visit the doctor, their symptoms are wrongly perceived as anxiety or nervousness rather than as a real issue by the doctor, and often the women leave the hospital without check-ups and end up passing away from a heart attack. Contrastingly, doctors more accurately diagnose heart problems in men.






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