Micro Vs. Macro

Micro is the small scale, the small actions we do to improve.


It means brushing your teeth twice a day. Reading even just 30 minutes a day. Writing–every day.

Every minute, every hour, every day

You won’t remember these micro-actions, but they add up, and you need to decide to make micro-improvements every day.

How are we improving ourselves, on a micro scale? What micro-actions are we performing to become a better version of ourselves?

Macro is the big decisions.

It means deciding to study abroad. or doing a service trip, or silent retreat, or what school to attend, or choosing an internship program, or signing up for a gym membership.

These macro decisions are the ones you will remember, the “life-changing” experiences.

But micro and macro improvement are both important, and they compliment each other.

Going to the dentist is a macro action, but to truly have clean and white teeth, you need to pair that macro action with the micro decision to brush your teeth every day.

Signing up for a year-long membership to an MMA gym–macro. Choosing to actually workout, on a weekly basis? Micro.

You can’t just go on one service trip, a “life-changing experience”, and call yourself a humanitarian or philanthropist, without having done some fundraisers or volunteer work on a micro-scale before or after that “life-changing experience”.

You won’t remember the micro decisions, but you are making them every day, every hour, every minute. And they add up. And they might be more important than those macro decisions.

Grateful Day 84: I am grateful for watermelon. It is my favorite fruit to eat on a daily basis

Reading Day 25:

 I am currently reading: Counting by 7’s

  • The book follows Willow Chance, a genius girl who is fascinated with medical conditions and plants. The story begins with the sad news that her adopted parents, who loved her dearly, sadly passes away in a car crash.

I find it very interesting how people are so willing to come to the aid of those who are in distress, and the book shows a great example of friends who so willingly jump into Willow’s life to help her through her struggles.



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