Just ask

People are willing to help

But not many are readily offering their help.

Instead, the important thing is to ask

A New York professor gave an experiment to his high school class to ask for other people’s seats on the subway

Over 60% of the time, other people obliged, even if there was no obvious reason why they should have given up their seats (no injury or issue).

I strongly believe that in times of genuine need, that we as a society are willing to help each other out. And, in reality, this is quite true.

There is a reason that donations to charities during natural disasters skyrocket

And why petitions on Change.Org gain so much fruition, primarily through social media and other people sharing the causes, asking their friends for support.

Ask a stranger for directions, and they’ll readily guide you to where you need to go.

So, when in doubt, or when in need, just ask.

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Good luck

Grateful Day 82: I am grateful for social media

Reading Day 23:

Currently reading: Option B – by Sheryl Sandberg

  • Sheryl is one of the most powerful women in the world and the current COO of Facebook. The book follows her story of how she handled adversity when her husband suddenly passed away–her Option B

Sometimes, the most important thing is simply to be there, physically and emotionally, for other people when they are suffering or in distress. You do not need to act; just passively being there and offering an option to help, not forcibly trying to act, is all someone might need.


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