Joining the workforce

Every one has to join the workforce

To add some value to the economy

To the world

Today was my first day as an intern and I enjoyed it because I felt like I was adding value

I was a resource

If you are able to attribute value to your job, you will perform much better

Our world is made up of transactions

In the economy

In social interactions

Monetary, time, emotions

Find a way to add value to your transactions in life

Good Luck

Grateful Day 81: I am grateful for how cool it feels to be able to call myself an employee

Reading Day 22:

Did you know that when performing a “nervous” task, such as public speaking or doing a big test, it is BETTER to acknowledge your stress and attribute your nervousness as EXCITEMENT rather than anxiety. It is also better to be excited rather than trying to stay calm in those situations, and experiments made by In the book Originals prove that being excited rather than feeling stressed or trying to be calm in nervous situations will produce better results. Attribute your transactions with value!


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