So you missed your flight?

So maybe you missed your transfer flight

You run back and forth, to different ends of the airport terminals, trying to see if there’d be another flight you could catch to go back to Singapore.

Bad news. Everything is fully booked for all on Sunday.

But you make it work anyways, because it is Sunday morning, and you need to be home because you start your internship on Monday.

So you take a 4-hour taxi, and then 2 different buses until you finally home.

Somehow, someway, you finally end up back in your apartment. Baffled at the turn of events.

Everything seemed fine when you took your first flight on Saturday night.

And here you are. Sunday afternoon. Mentally and physically exhausted. Not sure how you did it, but you somehow got all the way from Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore by taxi and bus.

Then you wonder: how many people made this exact same trip as you? How many people make this trip, consistently? Yes, you did miss your flight, but you still ended up at the same destination, just through another path–another road that many other people take.

You felt like the world was against you when you missed your flight, and the service counter told you that there were no more flights back to Singapore until Monday, but you realize in the end, maybe it’s not so bad. You made it home. You are safe, and although feel extremely stupid, you can now laugh at your mistake.

So maybe you missed your flight. But it’s okay because another plane will be coming in a few hours.

Or in our case, a 4-hour taxi ride and 2 separate buses.

Grateful Day 77: I am grateful for our taxi driver, who willingly drove us for 4-hours while we all slept in the car. Smooth ride.

Reading Day 18:

Currently Reading: The Sense of an Ending – By Julian Barnes

Again, I finished another book in one sitting (while on our first flight)

It was a book recommended by one of my friends that made me think a lot about the concept of time–past, present, and future.

Description: “This intense novel follows Tony Webster, a middle-aged man, as he contends with a past he never thought much about—until his closest childhood friends return with a vengeance: one of them from the grave, another maddeningly present. Tony thought he left this all behind as he built a life for himself, and his career has provided him with a secure retirement and an amicable relationship with his ex-wife and daughter, who now has a family of her own. But when he is presented with a mysterious legacy, he is forced to revise his estimation of his own nature and place in the world.”

Interesting Quotes:

“Someone once said that his favourite times in history were when things were collapsing, because that meant something new was being born.”

“Life isn’t just addition and subtraction. There’s also the accumulation, the multiplication, of loss, of failure”

“But all this is looking ahead. What you fail to do is look ahead, and then imagine yourself looking back from that future point.”

“The less time there remains in your life, the less you want to waste it”




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