Interactions in Taipei

“And you work both stalls by yourself?

“Yes. 10 hours every day”



“Are You Japanese?”

“No. But we speak a little for Japanese tourists.”


“It’s so cold out! Are you okay?” Was the first thing the female taxi driver said when I got into the passenger seat


we stopped a car to hitchhike

“How much $ for the ride?”

“Ha it’s free. Taiwanese people are nice. It’s not a bother.”

“Thank you so much!”

“Don’t worry; I won’t be selling you to anyone”


Grateful Day 76: I am grateful for the people who tell me they enjoy my writing

Reading day 17: Currently Reading: Originals by Adam Grants

Interesting fact:

Novel-prize winning scientists are much more likely to be involved in the arts, a contrasting skill, compared to ordinary scientists

22x more likely to be involved in performing arts, amateur acting, dancing, magic

12x more likely to be involved in writing, poetry, plays, novels, short stories, books, essays

7.5x more likely to be involved in crafts, mechanic, wood making, electronics, glass blowing

7x more likely to be in visual arts: Illustration, drawing, sculpting, painting, print-making

2x more likely to be involved in music: instruments, composing, playing, conducting


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