Baby on a plane: a blessing and a curse

A baby’s smile can light up anyone’s day

It is one of the purest things in this world

Soooo cute!!!

She stares right into my soul I felt like we became best friends in just 5 seconds as she reached for my hand and wouldn’t stop trying to climb over.

And then she took a poop… And I saw her parents freak out and quickly grab their bag in the overhead storage and then proceed to take the baby to the washroom.

Still adorable. Babies are hilarious

And then I remembered we were on an airplane… And this baby was sitting right in front of me.

Cue the cries…

(Below is a video of me doing a little magic for the baby. She was very intrigued!!! Wouldn’t stop trying to climb over. You can see the grandfather slapping her with a newspaper in the video. He has no idea what she is trying to do haha. So cute!)

Grateful Day 73: I am grateful for many things. Currently in Taipei, Taiwan!

Reading Day 14: I finished my romance novel Eleanor & Park

Not necessarily the greatest happy ending, but life is not always sunshine and rainbows. But the ending did provide solace and comfort. Maybe not both sunshine and rainbows, but the ending definitely had some rainbows.

And I guess that is life.



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