There is so much to see

I am currently in Hong Kong, and tomorrow am flying to Taipei

I’ve never done more traveling in my life than I have been doing now. It’s both refreshing and a struggle at times, because I am always on the move, and being the introvert that I am, I do crave a comfortable & familiar bed.


Hong Kong’s night-life first of all, exists. We walked out of the Holiday Inn after settling into our rooms and walked over to a half-full restaurant down the street and had a full meal–dessert at 1 AM in a packed little corner store.

Last night, we walked through the shopping district and browsed every other clothing store. At 10:30 PM.

Of course, we also explored the night markets, many of which had semi-good deals, but you never know because the owners were all ready to bargain on the prices and make the deals potentially great.

The food is great. The city is full of life. Hong Kong is a fast moving city, much faster than Singapore.

But the more you travel, the more realize how much there is to see, and I know there is not enough time to see it all.

From the rural streets in Penang that are decorated with art, to the modernity and futuristic feel of Singapore, to the tourist areas that are integrated within the city of Bangkok, to the buzzing nightlife and Times-square feel in Hong Kong. All of it is unique and fascinating in their own ways.

It seems that the more we see, the more we realize how much more there really is to see. The closer we look, the farther away we realize we actually are.

I’ve only gotten a glimpse of the world. There is so much more to see.


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