Make things work

The idea of not being able to use your phone is scary

We need to be connected

But when you forget to bring a phone charger, and there is absolutely no way you can charge your now dead iPhone (you even asked your Airbnb host if they had a charger!) then you just need to make things work.

So you spend the whole day in another country without a phone

and it’s actually a lot easier than you thought…

It’s actually a lot easier to make things work.

The only thing is: How do I take photos??? Good thing your friend has a camera 🙂

PS. (The Wi-Fi has a super weak connectivity. But we made it work!. Or at least I hope I made it work… Not sure if this post is even going to properly publish)

Grateful Day 67: I am grateful for how much there is to do in Penang and how nice the people here are.

Reading Day 8: 

Currently Reading: Originals by Adam Grant

Adam Grant, who is rated the best professor at UPenn Wharton’s Business school, is an organizational psychologist who has written several #1 NYT books. In Originals, he discusses how Non-conformists (procrastinators, slow people, and other different personality traits) succeed in life with their increased creativity.

Interesting Read: It’s actually sometimes better to NOT be a pioneer, and instead build on what already exists and make something better.

Examples: (Yahoo vs. Google; MySpace vs. Facebook;)


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