creativity is slow

Life is fast

maybe a little too fast

I have 11 tabs open right now…and that’s few for me

I am constantly looking at charts, graphs, and the news

a movie is no longer just 2 hours of one screen

everyone is trying to sell you something

and we are constantly trying to consume more

In Adam Grant’s book “Originals,” Grant, through experiments, discovers that people who are slower at completing tasks are more creative

In a survey, people who were “productive”, who were fast to complete their tasks, were rated as less creative by their managers.

But what about the procrastinators?

Grant says he doesn’t know; they never filled out the survey!

Actually, Grant found that there was, in fact, a sweet spot of procrastination that produced higher creativity.

People who slowed down in life

People who took their time to enjoy what the world had to offer

Had more time to think, had more time to be creative

The fact that they procrastinated meant that by the time the started to do their job, they had all these ideas they ran through their head.

Now all they had to do was execute.

Maybe we just need to slow down a bit

Procrastinate… just a little

and let our ideas come to us

instead of us rushing to be “productive” and force creativity.

People always talk about how life moves too fast and in a blink of an eye, years have passed

they are not wrong.

Gratitude 64: I am grateful for Evolve MMA (where I take boxing classes)

Reading Day 5: 

Currently Reading: Originals by Adam Grant

Adam Grant, who is rated the best professor at UPenn Wharton’s Business school, is an organizational psychologist who has written several #1 NYT books. In Originals, he discusses how Non-conformists (procrastinators, slow people, and other different personality traits) succeed in life with their increased creativity.

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Martin Luther King Jr.’s most famous 4 words were actually added to the speech right before he walked onto the stage? He was still scribbling on his paper and revising his speech. A true procrastinator; and no one can argue that King is not creative.

Quote from one of the people who drafted King’s speech:

“on the evening of Tuesday, Aug. 27, [12 hours before the march] Martin still didn’t know what he was going to say” – Clarence Benjamin Jones


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