Anxious about feeling anxious

It’s a never-ending spiral

You know the anxiety is coming

and so you feel anxious about the impending anxiety

and you become anxious before the real anxiety comes.

Just like fear

You fear the moment you jump

before you even go near the edge

You foster this fear, days, weeks, before the actual moment where fear makes sense

You pre-crastinate: procrastinate the period of procrastination

You don’t even let yourself procrastinate…you make yourself feel bad that you know you will

You are somehow able to create negativity

Negativity to be put on top of more negative thoughts…

It’s all in your head. Stop it

Create something positive on top of those negative thoughts instead, especially if you know that it’s coming

Good Luck.

Gratitude Day 63: I am grateful for TED videos & their insightful podcast

Reading Day 4: 

Currently Reading: Option B – by Sheryl Sandberg

  • Sheryl is one of the top 100 most powerful women in the world and the current COO of Facebook. This autobiographical book follows her story of how she handled adversity when her husband suddenly passed away–her Option B

Something Interesting I read today: 

“More than 1.8million children in America has lost a parent.”



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